Signature Projects – Consulting

In the GCC

  • Optimization of a global medical equipment vendor’s operations
  • Planning of various healthcare projects
  • Development of policies and procedures for various health services in UAE
  • Privatization plan for governmental healthcare provider
  • Development of healthcare planning guidelines for a regional MOH
  • Feasibility study and business planning for mobile medical services, UAE

Healthcare Planning

  • Planning of an university hospital in Pakistan
  • Planning of the university medical complex at DHCC, UAE

Consultancy on Structures and Processes

  • Process and workflow optimization in Europe’s largest university hospital
  • Set up of Europe’s first “orange hospital” enabling and optimizing infection control

Signature Projects – Operations

In the GCC

  • Operation of a PET/CT Center, Qatar
  • Interim Management to integrate an ongoing healthcare operation into a global corporate structure
  • Optimization and streamlining of a public healthcare provider, UAE

University Hospital Management

  • Interim CFO of a large university hospital, Germany (3,500 Beds)
  • Management of an university hospital, Germany (1,500 beds)

Large Hospital Groups

  • Shared Management of a private hospital group, Germany (36 Hospitals, 6,000 beds)
  • Management of a major public hospital (1,000 beds)